End of anonymity on the Internet?

Several computer hardware and software manufacturers, including AMD, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft and Sun, have gotten together and created a chip that will be built into computers that will, for all intents and purposes, broadcast a unique identifier that anyone will be able to read when you access the Internet.

Already over 20 million PCs worldwide are equipped with a tiny security chip called the Trusted Platform Module, although it is as yet rarely activated. But once merchants and other online services begin to use it, the TPM will do something never before seen on the Internet: provide virtually fool-proof verification that you are who you say you are.

Click here to read the full article @ MSNBC.

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Free Remote Control

Need to open a file on your office computer while on vacation? Want to access that important file on your home computer. Now you can with LogMeIn FREE!

Easily control the mouse and keyboard of any remote PC for FREE.

» Open remote files
» Check your email
» Run programs
» Run system diagnostics
» Access from any browser
» Access from wireless Pocket PC
» Easy-to-use interface
» 100% FREE to use!

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10 Best Firefox Extensions

There’s no denying that Firefox is the best thing to happen to the WWW atleast in the browser segment. After all in no time it has managed to challenge the mighty Internet Explorer from the Microsoft family. If you’re a Firefox user chances are you’ll love these 10 extensions that are available for the to be #1 browser.

  1. FlashGot
  2. ForecastFox
  3. Tabbrowser Preferences
  4. IE Tab
  5. Stumble Upon
  6. FoxyTunes
  7. SessionSaver (a must have)
  8. Duplicate Tab
  9. GooglePreview
  10. Dictionary Tooltip (a real time saver)

To read more and download the extensions, click here.

If you have these 10 extensions installed your Firefox would be nothing less than a swiss army knife 😉

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Protect your credit card

Colby at the Tricks of the Trade weblog has a cool trick for keeping your credit card working no matter how much swiping you do:

When you get a new credit card, place a piece of transparent tape over the magnetic strip. The strip will still be readable since it is magnetic, and the tape prevents the strip from getting scratched or rubbed off.

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A visit to the doctor

I went to see the doctor yesterday and while I was waiting in the reception area for my turn to see the doc I came across a funny incident. It goes like this… I was sitting very near to the receptionist’s desk.. so there is this couple who come out from the doctor’s cabin showing the receptionist (a nurse.. and a south Indian..the accent said it all) the piece of paper that the doctor gave…looked like the doc wanted to have the husband/wife (not sure whom) undergo a blood test.

So the nurse reads from the piece of paper & tells the couple… Pookka Ped janeka aur blood test karaneka. Just like the couple even I was zapped… totally unclear about what the nurse meant. I was wondering whether any place like Pookka Ped existed in Mumbai… only later to realize when she was telling the couple that not to eat anything before the blood test.. she meant… Bhooka Pet (which means “empty stomach”).

Umm, just one of those South Indian pronunciations with a heavy twist 😉

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1000 GB email… believe it!

Well…well…well we seem to have another email provider on the web circuit but this one provides you with… 1 TB (Terabyte) of email space (that’s 1000 GB). I wonder who would really require so much space. Like Google says… You’ll never have to delete your email. I wonder what this service would say 😉

This service only provides webmail which means no POP3/SMTP feature which is a nice feature provided by Gmail.

Check out http://www.mailnation.net for more.

Err… Let’s see how long this service lasts! 😉

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Shocking Pic of Mallika Sherawat..!!!

Actress Mallika Sherawat never ceases to shock us. Her ‘dare-to-bare’ acts and quotable quotes have kept her in the news constantly. CLICK HERE to view the hot Mallika’s never-seen-before pics.

You’ll be shocked! But the question to ask is: Is it really her or is it just another case of morphed photographs? 😉

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